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  1. Put in the jumpers on the Ramps board (3 jumper between all pinheaders for the stepper driver)
  2. Lay down the printer on its back.
  3. Attach the Arduino under the bottom case plate with two 25 mm screws and one 12 mm screw.
  4. Carefully push the ramps board onto the Arduino.
  5. use two plastic nuts to hold it in place.
  6. attach Heatsink with 4 mm screw.
  7. Push in all stepper drivers onto the ramps board. (take care for the correct orientation, see figure).
  8. Mount the extension board with 3x spacers and 3x nylon nuts.
  9. Lax printer on the side
  10. Screw in the power supply. User two 12 mm screws from the top.
  11. At the back use three 8 mm inch screws.
  12. Stick down the type label.