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Pen holder for 3Dator with Merlin hotend

you'll need:
3x M3 squere nuts
2x 12 mm M3 Screws
1x 20 mm M3 Screws

At the moment this can only be used on the 3Dator with Merlin hotend. It is easy to install and to remove.

The pen needs to be secured that the tip of the pen is a bit longer then the Merlin hotend. With this configuration you can still use the bed leveling feature.

Generating GCode

For generating the GCode there are multiple possibilitys. The easiest is tu use a very flat 3D model and use a Slicer like Cura to generate the GCode. You could also use CAM software for CGode generation.

Generate GCode with Cura 15.04

The idea is to load a very flat 3D model into Cura to "print" only one layer of that object. To make that work a few settings need to be tweaked. It is very important to use Z hop so you won't get lines between our independent parts.