First Startup

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This page is a translated version of the page Inbetriebnahme and the translation is 100% complete.

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Preparation of the slicer

At slicer preferences you can see how you have to adjust the parameters for your printer. Or how you can import them from a file.

It is important to use the G-Code G29 after homing (in start G-Code)


  • Plug in the power cable and switch on the printer

Insert filament

  • in the menu at settings > temperature > nozzle turn up to 200 °C
  • oben the level on the extruder
  • after heating up insert the filament through the extruder. Push it in until the filament exits the nozzle.
  • close the lever on the extruder
  • check the tensioning screws on the extruder. If necessary adjust the pressure.

Tighten nozzle after heating up

  • tighten the airbrush nozzle again carefully with pliers.
  • again set the offset between the nozzle and the z sensor at Settings > Set Z Offset.

start a 3D print

  • Select a file from the SD card you want to print
  • after heating up keep a look at the first layer. If the distance between printbed and nozzle isn't perfect yet you can adjust it at "tune > adjust z height"
  • after your first print screw in the screws for tightening the fishing line.