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Laser cut parts from acrylic glass

All lasercut parts can be downloaded at Github in the folder dxf. The material should be 5 mm thick.

Quantity Part Figure
1x case_front Case front.PNG
1x case_left Case left.PNG
1x case_right Case right.PNG
1x case_floor Case floor.PNG
1x case_top Case top.PNG
1x case_back Case back.PNG
1x case_bottom Case bottom.PNG
1x case_display Case display.PNG
2x case_display_tilter Case display tilter.PNG
1x bed_carrier Bed carrier.PNG
1x z_sled_main Z sled main laser.PNG
2x z_nut_holder Z nut holder.PNG
2x z_motor_support Z motor support.PNG
1x z_motor_mount Z motor mount.PNG
2x z_sled_support Z sled support laser.PNG
1x z_sled_back Z sled back.PNG
2x spool_holder_support Spool holder support.PNG
2x spool_holder_main Spool holder main.PNG
16x spacer_5mm Spacer.PNG
4x test_edge Test edges.PNG


Quantity Part Figure
4x x- Rod, 280x8mm Rod 280mm.JPG
2x z- Rod, 400x10mm Rod 400mm.JPG
8x F693zz Bearing F693zz.JPG
8x LM8UU Linear Bearing Lm8uu.JPG
1x MR105ZZ Bearing Mr105zz.JPG
1x 608ZZ Bearing 608zz.JPG
4x SC10UU Linear Bearing SC10UU.JPG
4x Magnet coupling Magnets.JPG
3m Nylon wire Neylon string.JPG
1x Mk7 Gear Mk7.JPG


Quantity Part Figure
3x Nema17 Motor, 1.7A (+70cm Kabel) Nema17.JPG
1x Nema17 Motor, 1.3A, TR8x8 (+30cm Kabel) ZNema17.JPG
1x Arduino Mega Mega.JPG
1x Ramps Board Ramps.JPG
1x LCD 2004 Controller 2004 lcd.JPG
4x DRV8825 Stepper Driver DRV8825.JPG
2x Hall Endstops (KY-024) Hall Endstop.jpg
1x Mechanical Endstops Z Endstop.JPG
1x Induktive Proximity Sensor Induktive Sensor.JPG
1x FSP220-60LE 250W ATX Power Supply Power supply bom.JPG
1x WS2812 RGB LED Stripes WS2812LED.JPG
1x 3Dator LED Driver PCB LED Platine.jpg
1x MK3 Aluminium Heatbed Heatbed.JPG
1x Thermistor Thermistor.JPG
1x USB Socket (CU-MB-03) Usb socket.JPG
1x Wiring for Hotend and Heatbed Heatbed cable.JPG
1x Radial Fan (BD125015MB) RadialFan.JPG
1x On/Off Switch (spst s654) On off switch.JPG


Quantity Part Figure
1x Merlin Hotend with 40mm Fan and Thermistor Merlin hotend box.JPG
2x PTFE Fittings 4xM5 Ptfe fittinge.JPG
0,5m PTFE Tube (ø4mm outer; ø2mm inner) Ptfe tube.JPG
20x Ziptie Zip ties.JPG
1m spiral hose Spiralschlauch.jpg


Quantity Part Figure
124x M3 squere nuts M3 nuts.JPG
1x 6 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 6.JPG
17x 8 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 8.JPG
11x 10 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 10.JPG
127x 12 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket Screws 12mm m3.JPG
13x 16 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 16.JPG
8x 20 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 20.JPG
9x 25 mm ISO 7380 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M3 25.JPG
2x 40 mm hexagon socket screws M3 40mm.JPG
16x 12 mm M5 rounded head screw with hexagon socket M5 12.JPG
11x M3 self locking nuts Secure nut.JPG
10x M3 plastic nuts M3 nylon nuts.JPG
2x M3 6 mm counter sunk bolt M3 senkkopf 6mm.JPG
3x Inch screws- (6-32X3/8" 10mm) Inch screw.JPG

Printed Parts

All files for the printed parts can be downloaded from Github and are found in the STL folder.


Quantity Part Figure
2x pulley Pulley part.PNG
1x xy_idler_right Xy idler right.PNG
1x xy_idler_left Xy idler left.PNG
1x xy_motor_carrier_right Xy motor carrier right.PNG
1x xy_motor_carrier_left Xy motor carrier left.PNG
2x y_carrier_printpart Y carrier printpart.PNG
1x z_rod_holder_left Z rod holder left.PNG
1x z_rod_holder_right Z rod holder right.PNG


Quantity Part Figure
1x extruder_base Extruder base.PNG
1x hook Hook.PNG
1x tightener Tightener.PNG
1x lever Lever.PNG
1x axle Axle.PNG


Quantity Part Figure
1x cooling_tube Cooling tube.PNG
1x endstop_holder Endstop holder.PNG
1x printhead Printhead.PNG
1x hotend_clamp Hotend clamp.PNG
1x sensor_clamp Sensor clamp.PNG
1x sensor_spacer Sensor spacer.png